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just incase most of you dont look in the members rides section..

i picked up this car for 21k.. its a 94 6speed with 90k miles.. new paint...

rmm dp
n1 exhaust
hks twin power ignition
ssqv bov

i had the wheels on my mkiii.. they are volk gram lighs.. 17x8.5's and 17x9.5's with 245/45's and 275/40's

the car is getting a 3 row fmic, eibachs, slotted and drilled rotors, 2 ssqv's, and a bunch of guages here in the next few weeks...

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Congrads man!!!!
I have both now myself and i will get some pics of my ride soon.
You parting the mkiii out?
sorry to hear that Jared screwed you, he is pathetic.
Check out the link fatwagon on this forum. It is about the kid who took you for the $1050 and sent you nothing
Nice car guy!!!

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congrats i see ithas a 97-98 nose ,did you do that ?also what do you think about your mKIV compared to the MKIII?

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That looks nice, Why did it get a new paintjob? Like the other person stated, the front grill part is from a late model.....has this car been in an accident?

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thanks guys...

yes the car was in an accident.. last summer... the owner got new 94 headlights but decided to go with the 98 bumper and turn signals... i think it looks good that way... all i will be doing to the exterior is a front lip and an rmm wing because the stock wing has a dent on top...

its funny you asked ranger how i compare it to the mkiii because i just drove my buddys mkiii today... i was amazed at the differences.. heres what i noticed the most

the biggest thing was room... the mkiii is has alot more room and i think is a little more comfy.. i like the 100-way power seats they came with.. lol..

stock for stock, the shifter in the mkiv is way better.. much shorter and smooth...

i noticed there werent as many blind spots in the mkiii.. the windshield is alot bigger and its alot easier to change lanes in heavy traffic..

i also noticed alot more road noise in the mkiv... the mkiii was alot quieter... especially rocks in the wheel wells...

so all-in-all.. you can definately tell that the mkiii was more of a luxury car and the mkiv is a little more rece prepped... as for everyday driveability i would take the mkiii in a heartbeat... but thats not why i bought a supra.. so.. i love them both... both great yet completly different cars...
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