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Muffler, piping

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Hello all mk2ers

I'm interested replacing my stock to something nicer. Looking for a good air flow... deep tone sound.

can anyone suggest what kind of muffler would look good?
single, duel? are OBX good?

also if you have a site, please forward it as well. thanks
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If you plan on keeping your car NA then 2.5" pipe will do fine with out being obnoxiously loud. A good muffler is Magna-Flow, these are see through and have a good deep sound but are not too loud. For a P-type mkII supra you should definately get a muffler with dual outs, it just looks better I.M.O. Any good muffler shop can make this custom system for you for $250-$300 USD which should include a new larger cat., pipe, hangers, and muffler
I had stock piping, no cat, and a maxspeed dual dragger muffler (very loud) on my MKII. I have since sold my car but my muffler may be available. It's already got the hangers welded up on the muffler. I have to give my friend a call and see if he still has it in his garage. let me know if your interested.

heres a link to what the muffler looks like

Just click on universal parts/exhaust and scroll down until you see the maxspeed dual dragger.
what size would you recomend for what is now my 5MGE but maybe later 5MGTE. also some thing that sounds good, but not too loud
hey guys, finally got my muffler and my mid-pipe!

It was done in a shop, with a no-name dtm, and a 2.25 mid pipe, and a new cat as well.

its 'illegal' to drive a without a cat in vancouver bc...

so my total cost is $577CDN including labour, its like $74/hr

there is not much bend on the pipe, which is good.

But it got a nice performance sound, much better than stock.
i quite like it... thanks ppl for all your info...
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