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I just got some parts from MVP and also got my Supra watch and calendar, so I thought I'd give some praise where praise is due...

MVP Motorsports - As many of you already know, their service is second to none. Dusty got me all the parts I needed quickly, and also, went above and beyond in terms of helping me out with some special shipping arrangements. Highly recommended.

10K Tach Watch - Awesome product. IMHO, I think it's much nicer than the original Supra watch (which was already pretty sweet) It looks much nicer in person. The RPM dial looks great, and the gunmetal colored band looks fantastic. I would definately snatch one of these up before they are gone.

Supra Calendar - Again, an awesome product. For those of you thinking of getting this, GET IT. $30 is a very reasonable price considering how high quality it is. It comes on really nice glossy paper and has tons of neat pics and descriptions of Supras. I really hope we get a 2005 Calendar.
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