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Hi guys,

I don't normally make review posts since I deal with a few shops and go about my way thanking them personally. I have dealt with MVP ever since I bought my Supra some 9 years ago, going from asking about body kits and how to make my car look 'cool' to growing up and asking about engine work and turbo kits etc.

I have never in all my 9 years of communication with MVP and I say 9 years because I email them every few months asking about specific products and their recommendations as here in New Zealand we don't have the luxury of local shops testing the products.

I have bought a few pallets worth of items from MVP, mainly in the black Friday sale and have been treated with care and respect which is amazing considering I have never met them before. I was allowed flexible payment as well which they did not need to do but were kind enough to allow it.

Overall what I am rambling on about is that I frequent the forums a lot and noticed a fair bit of negative posts regarding MVP, maybe it is deserved and maybe it is not, but I am one person among very many I feel that have had the best experience from MVP with nothing negative to say other than I wish they were situated near me!!

Thank you guys for always helping me all the way from New Zealand.
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