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have you replaced the midpipe? if you have a catback exhaust then you havent replaced the midpipe

the header should bolt right up.

as far as o2's go... it just depends on your car. The header uses screw in type o2's

obd2 cars will have screw in o2's
some obd1 cars will have screw in

IIRC someone found an adapter for the flange type o2, youll have to dig for it though

if you do need a new set they run about $100per o2 at autozone (you need 2)

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do i need an aftermarket midpipe too or does the mvp header work w/ my after market exhaust?

can i use my current o2 sensors or do i need new ones as well?
If you already have a catback exhaust and you purchase this header, the only OEM exhaust part you will still have is your cat.

As for the 02's you may or may not need to replace your factory 02 sensors depending on which ones you have. The other 2 posts are correct in explaining the differences.

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