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Thanks you guys, ok , to answer all the questions: This is a 1995 5spd NA-t with the boostlogic T61 conversion. I have the boostlogic 525cc injectors, lexus v8 maf, boostlogic 2.5mm headgasket, denso sparkplugs, HKS SSQV, Apex'i GT-spec exhaust, Apex'i SAFCII, Glowshift boost and air-fuel ratio gauges, greddy profec B spec II boost controller, and a powerhouse racing NA-t Clutch. I have a pair of 10" Audiobahn subs and a pair of mono sub BOSS amplifiers. I bought the car 2 years ago in May and saved up for about a year until this last summer. When i got out of school i started ordering the parts, the parts took a long time to come in, i wasnt expectin them to come in so late, and b/c of that my car was down b/c i started taken it apart with my dad and bro, so from the time that my car went up on the jacks to the time that i first drove it was about 2 months, but like i said ,only b/c the parts took a while to get in, all the work on the car was done by my dad me and my brother in my garage, so i saved a bunch on the labor. Currently that car is tuned for a low-boost setting of approx. 14ish psi and put down a lil under 400 hp at that( that was with the old bosch +2 sparks that kept blowing out at higher RPM) now that i got new sparks i turend the boost up to 16-17psi on high-boost and its alot quicker, gas milage sucks, best tank was 350miles, and those were highway miles to the beach and back. Right now im in the process of geting myself an AEM EMS :) , so just a lil heads up, my SAFCII will b goin for sale, this is for you NA-t guys that have the lexus V8 MAF and 525cc injectors, its already tuned so all u have to do is just wire it up, you could posibly have to tweak it just a lil but not much as it was tuned by an AEM certified tuner. thanks for the kind comments again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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