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Can anybody help me.

I've a 5MGE engine built in a CamperVan (see and I've just swapped last week the gearbox, because it had synchro-problems.
I've been running it since 1993 up to 2017 and than I changed the engine with the same one.
This engine can also run on Liquid Gas.

Now my problem. When I start the engine on petrol, it runs and stops within 2 secs. It runs good on LPG but when I switch to Petrol it runs for a short time and stalls.
The following things I checked and changed.
1) The fuel pump is working, even when the engine stops.The pressure of the pump is OK
2) I changed the AFM with another one. (Still the same problem) Checked the AFM connector, all good.
3) I changed the EFI computer. (Still the same problem) Checked the EFI connector, all good

Is there anybody who can gibe me a tip, look at that particular piece?

Thanks in advance. Roel


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