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hey guys,

well i had to make up for the death from that 350 and an RSX just happened to pull around me tonight on my way home. I was on the freeway when i noticed him behind me.

He sped up and pulled around me... guess he didnt want to sit behind my slow old heap :rolleyes:

so anyway he ends up getting on the connector im taking on the next freeway, so i decided to floor it and show him some more of my tailights. He didnt seem to happy about it. Well... we had to come to a stop before getting on the next freeway. Luckily my brakes and tires are all in good working aftermarket order. Anyway once he has the chance he flys past me and takes off and at this point im too lazy to follow him becuase my exit is coming up.

I had into my exit lane a few miles down and low and behold there he is getting off. So I follow him from the offramp to a left turn arrow. We wait. Theres a black lexus with some bass mods, which the RSX also had. Very loud exhuast. Anyway the light turns green and I hear the RSX gun it... but too bad for him i switch into the next lane and pull on his ass. I was pulling on the lexus too. I got maybe 1/2 to 1 car inbetween when i decided the speed was too high for that street. I tapped my breaks and rolled. If I had kept going I know i would have handed is ass to him even more, but it was still sweet. We ended up turning on the next street and I pulled on him again haha.

Well finally he pulled into a lot behind me and I just went home. It was a pretty nice couple of kills. I wish I could have gone faster but it was too early and too dangerous with some of the traffic coming up. Anyway it was fun and I showed him what my old sup can do hehe.

peace guys

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nice kill... like i always say... love to see MKIIIs give Hell to the new gen sports cars !!! :) as well as old....
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