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My '91 MR2 RSP GT30 400+ rwhp (PICS)

Let me know your honest opinions. Thanks.

A lot of time and hard work have gone into this car. Enjoy!


-Garrett GT30 Ballistic dual ball-bearing turbo
-Equal length stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold
-Stainless steel braided oil lines
-Stainless steel braided coolant lines
-Tial 46mm wastegate
-Chrome Valve cover
-Custom Spearco trunk mount intercooler
-Dual SPAL cooling fans
-HKS Intercooler piping and fittings
-AeroQuip High Performance Fittings
-Wisco 8.5:1 .04 over forged pistons
-Crower rods
-Ported Head
-Polished Head
-Ferrera stainless steel coated valves
-Ferrera Valve springs
-Ferrera titanium retainers
-Ferrera guides
-HKS Iridium spark plugs
-HKS metal head gasket
-Extrude Honed intake manifold w/TVIS eliminated
-Supra TT Fuel pump (NEW)
-HKS 264 cams
-HKS cam gears (NEW)
-ARP head studs
-ATS throttle body inlet
-Bored out Dual feed fuel rail (NEW)
-850cc injectors (NEW)
-Butterfly 304 exhaust
-Greddy Type R Blow-off Valve
-MSD 6AL ignition system
-MSD Blaster 2 coil
-Magnecore wires
-K&N air filter
-TRD Fuel Pressure Regulator
-TRD Motor Mounts (NEW)
-Greddy oil catch can
-Nitrous Express NX N-tercooler nitrous intercooler cooling kit
-Kaaz 1.5 Limited Slip Differiential
-Rebuilt transmission (NEW)
-Clutch Masters Stage 4 clutch

-Mobil One oil
-Redline 75/90 Transmission fluid
-Redline LSD friction modifier fluid
-Sunoco 104 octane race fuel (track)

-Apex'i S-AFC
-Apex'i ITC)
-Autronic SMC Stand-alone engine management system w/Autotune (NEW)
-HKS EVC IV boost controller
-Blitz dual turbo timer

-Tein HA coilovers-16 way adjustable
-TRD rear strut bar

*Wheels & Tires*
-Blitz Type 03 (17x7 front +32, 17x9 rear +38)
-215/40/17 Yokohoma A520 front
-255/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza SO3 rear

-Precision Brake 4 wheel 13" cross-drilled and slotted rotors
-Wilwood 4-piston calipers
-Stainless steel braided brake lines
-Mechanical emergengy brake kit

-Custom Royal Sapphaire Pearl paint
-Bomex front bumper
-Greddy Gracier side skirts
-Toms rear
-Kaminari wing
-Trunk lid WRX intercooler scoop
-Upgraded MR2'94 tail lights w/amber side inserts
-JDM clear corners
-Artech platinum window tint (NEW)

-Recaro SRD racing bucket seats
-HKS 46mm boost gauge(stock location)
-Momo Club 3 steering wheel
-EL Indiglo gauges (NEW)
-TRD short shifter
-TRD shift knob
-Levoc pedals
-JDM Stainless steel door sills

-JVC Digifire CD/MP3 head unit
-Alpine V12 amp
-Alpine DDDrive speakers
-Alpine alarm

Current best #'s are 435 rwhp & 399 lb/ft tq w NX n-tercooler and 1/4 mile times to come soon.


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Wow. I am a picky bastard around here, but let me admit that your MR2 is fucking incredible! :eek: Very pimp indeed!

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One of THE best if not the best mr2's Ive seen. I used to love the widebodies until it was over done and now back to clean lines. Good job and very nice! I'd like to see what that setup runs, looks impressive.

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This is one of the best looking MR2 Ive seen. There was anyone painted orange that was pretty nice but not nearly as nice as yours.

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wow i like that a lot. there has been a lil part of me that has always wanted an mr2. i think they are sooooo cool looking. but then i think about the engine bay and how cramped it is back there and how much of a PIA it would be. i still love em though. very clean car you have there, looks great


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How is that TMIC working for you. do you have to spary it all the time to keep it cool, cause it dosen't look like you cut away any part of the trunk. Pimp ride though. very clean. get some Dr when you take it to the track.

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damn, looks nice. black mesh type rims with chrome lip would look nice

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thanks for all the compliments guys!

Since I bought the car from Charles, the car has undergone an entire new face lift. So many little things were wrong w/ the car. I pretty much had to fix all of them for me to be happy about the car. He also did put a lot of time and money into the car as well though. All the denoted mods with (NEW), I put after I bought it and also a couple other things.

He did buy a 96' GTR tommykaira Skyline. Very nice indeed.

Best #'s acheived by Charles : 266 rwhp & 13.1 1/4 mile

Now : 435 rwhp and should be easily into the 11's.

As for the trunk mount intercooler it is fed via a trunk mounted WRX hood scoop right behind the engine bay.

The driveablity of this car is amazing w/ the Autronics and when you get on it, it goes on forever. It really puts you back in your seat.

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Wow, VERY nice numbers coming from your 2. Is that while spraying on the intercooler? If so, for how long? It also looks extremely beautiful. I like the idea you have of putting the WRX scoop in order to feed the intercooler, VERY sweet. I saw pictures of a Yellow WIIDE body 2 in Import Tuner, and thought that was sweet, I see this and realize sometimes the stock body is best :D Congrats on owning such a nice car! :cool:

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