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Where did you get your muffler? I'm searching on ebay, and I keep coming up with knock-offs. How much was it?

You got a very nice ride, my 88 is gray too. Can't wait for the next "minor upgrade.":D Keep the pics coming bro, and keep up the good work.

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n00bster said:
get the WHALE TALE!!
Nah... gotta be different from the other Bomex kitted mk3s, not that you'll find many others with Volk GT-7s as well.

AFAIK, in SoCal there's only myself and #1Supraholic. Maybe a Kaminari modified stock 3 piece wing?

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yeah dude, im nto even a huge fan of MKIII's but thats very nice. Clean.

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Damn, nice. Almost exactly how I would want it. Except I wont dish out the extra dough for those gorgeous rims.

Nor would I have put the side skirts or rear bumper covers.

A whale tail might look nice, you could pull it off with the rear bumper covers. It would look silly on most cars IMO if they were not able to balance out the look below.

I cant decide if I want the bomex type 3, like yours, or the trial.

Either way, I’m overly green with envy

Talk about a nice color also. Makes the orange side markers much more tolerable, which match the front turn signals you have.

Talk about clean and tasteful.

What drop is that? What tire size do you have in the rear?

Keep up the good work!
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