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Hey guys, just recorded some videos of my car.. some just driving kind of slow and some going by at 100... i cant find a good road to floor my car on yet.. so these will have to do for now :D i also did a burnout and recorded the sound of my car for those of you who wanted to hear it. so anyways here they are..

the file sizes are kind of big.. so just wait for them to load.. and right clicking and doing save target as is the best way.

video 1

first video is just a slow driveby...

video 2

second video is me driving by pretty quick :D

video 3

video 3 is just a walk arround of the car.. and then a couple of revs :D turn up the volume to hear it good.

video 4

video 4 is just revving the engine from the back so u can hear my greddy sp.

video 5

video 5 is my burnout, not the best ever.. but it left some good marks ;)

video 6

video 6 just shows the burn marks :D

video 7

video 7 is just another slow driveby.

video 8

video 8 is just another kinda slow driveby.. it has good sound though :D

enjoy the movies.. tell me what u guys think... hopfully soon i can find a road that i can just floor it on.. so i can do some passes at like 140 or somthing :p

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The videos are cool, you should try having a friend tape you while riding beside or behind you. I may bust out the video camera tomorrow and make some of my own.
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