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Some people were wondering what happened with my car and had similar problems... well, it's not 100%, but I'm close.

For those who don't know, my car had several problems: excessive smoke, bogging, and a 5k miss.

In order.. Smoking was caused by several things. First thing was a bad PCV valve. Well, I should qualify that; it wasn't gone, but the ball was sticking some. Second, my exhaust breather hose came undone from the filter, so I placed the end on one of the t-bolt clamps. My logic at the time was that it wouldn't suck anything up there and it wouldn't completely still, allowing air to pass. Well, when the PCV isn't 100%, that's a bad idea. :) Next, I finally put an O2 onto my car. A year ago, I was using a stand alone Autronics ECU which ran completely off a MAP sensor, so I welded my O2 bung closed. When I returned to the stock ECU/VPC, it didn't go through the pain of drilling/welding/cutting a new bung, so I ran without it. Suprisingly, the car ran very well. But two weeks ago, I decided to rewire the O2s so the secondary one in the downpipe became my primary. The car acts a little odd at start up as the downpipe O2 takes a while to warm, but operates very well thereafter. Lastly, it is a "race motor." I know that 4 strokes shouldn't burn oil irrespective of it's intended purpose, but none the less it does.

Bogging.. This is certainally related to the sync error problem. I removed one of the cam angle sensor connections and the car ran much better down low. The high end miss became intermittent. I am suspecting a bad tensioner, stretched belt, or bad crank pulley teeth. (The scoped signals looked good, every thing ohm tested right, etc) Hopefully I'll have a resolution to this problem this week.
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