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My Car Won't Move! Please Help!!

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Hey everyone,

I am a bit baffled by this one. My car has been parked in the garage since sunday afternoon when I finished washing my car. Had no problems with it that day, drove it around all afternoon. Went out finish hooking up my bcc. I tried to back my car out the garage, and guess what....IT WILL NOT MOVE. :(

I put her in reverse (I got a six speed), give it some gas, it feels like my emergency brake is on. is not. So I check to see if there is anything behind my car, or behing my wheels that I can not see. Nothing. Throw it into first, try to go forward, I get nothing. I shut the engine off. Put it in nuetral. Drop the emergency brake. Try to push it, it will not budge.

When I release the emergency brake, it sounds like it is releasing, making the same sound it has always made.



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That's so funny!!!!! The same shit happened to me the other night, I was making all sorts of dumb faces trying to figure it out. The part about getting out of the car and making sure you didn't have something wedged under a tire, I was doing the exact same thing. Talking to my car "what the hell, this is the weirdest thing....."

Coincidentally enough, I had the previous afternoon backed the car out of the garage, washed it, and pushed it back in. Sprayed the wheels down good did ya?

My theory is the E-brake rusts stuck. After all most brake parts are iron, including the rotors. Rotors turn rust before your eyes if you get them wet. If you wash it well and stop it cold so the water doesn't steam off, and engage the e-brake, it sticks.

I just disengaged the E-brake handle, and pushed the car backwards hard. I had to nudge it real hard a couple times. It make a rather unpleasant snapping sound and broke free. :eek:

E-brake is fine, BTW.
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Leave the car in nuetral, e-break off. Brace the wheels on one side of the car and jack up the other. Then try turning each wheel by hand. This probaly wont tell you what is wrong but you can narrow down if it is only one wheel or both drive wheels or just the left wheels or whatever.

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Thanks for the comments and help. :)

That rust theory sounds like it might be the cuase. What you described is too similar to what I had happen.

I am going to jack the car up tonight and try turning the rear wheels by hand. Sounds like I just need to break them free!

I will let you all know how it turns out.

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