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MY compression test results. What do they mean?

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Hi, I did a compression test on my girl friends 87 NA and these are the results I got.

cylinder 1-3: 180 PSI
cylinder 4: 190 PSI
cylinder 5: 180 PSI
cylinder 6: 210 PSI

This is really high conpared to what the repair manual says its suppost to be. I think it said it should be in the area of 120 or so PSI. Whats wrong?

The car seems to be in horrible condition, so me and my friend are just trying to figure out whats wrong so we can decide if its worth fixing up or not.

Thanks for any help.
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those number look fine for a N/A hot motor...
my numbers were all 215-220

93 SL
Arospeed intake
Exhaust Tec muffler
Unorthordox pulley
Catco freeflow cat
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
NGK (R5671A-7) copper plugs
Magnecor 8.5mm wires
Intrax springs
Rps Stage II clutch
Finandaz flywheel
3SX motor mount
N.O.S. nitrous 100shot
Dynoed [email protected]
VR4 360cc injectors(soon)
Apexi Super AFC(soon)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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