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My Cruise controll died

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well i was driving back from dallas on sunday and the cruise controll just died on me. I tired and tried and it did not come back on. I got home late around 12 midnight so i had no time to check fuses or whatever. Has this ever happened to anyone. i just got the car so i am doing all the required maintenice to it, and i just got a repair man. yesterday. thanks
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my cruise didn't work when i got my 85. the cruise cable connects to this round can thing under the hood, by the firewall, on the drivers side. the rubber boot had broken and i took a stiff L bracket and used metal hose clamps and the original bracket to connect the cable back on. it works now but i have to hold the clutch pedal up which has to do i think with pedal drop, this will be fixed with my new clutch and cable. But look where the cable connects under the hood and see if the rubber sleeve is broken. If this is the case, youve found the problem. If not try to use it while holding your clutch pedal up with your foot. hope you get it working.
Tuff shit!:p

J/J, anyway, there could be a couple of problems. First, and most obvious, look under the hood near the fuel injection(its the big thing on the right side of the engine eith EFI stamped on it). on top of that, there should be two exposed coiled wires attached at 2 ends. One of these is for you gas pedal, the other is the sruise control. Ta da! If one is broken, and you can still use your gas pedal, then your cruise is broken.

If that isn't the case, then as stated before, check the wires and make sure all the connections are in tact.

If that isn't the case, it may be a vacum or electrical problem. At this point, unless you know what you are doing, leave it to someone else. Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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