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I went to Dynospot Racing in Mountain View today. Go my car tuned and dynoed. I dynoed 333 rwhp and 327 rwtq. IMO, this sucks. These are current mods I have.

95 TTC Supra 34K

EVC III (set to ~14psi)
Greddy FMIC for singles
HKS filter/SDrager
UR Under pulley set
PHR electric fan
NO downpipe (smog check soon)

Ok, maybe I'm expecting too much for the mods I have so far (no down pipe) but come on. The guys at Dynospot said they did see any wrong with my car. But one this they noticed was when they tried to up the boost on the EVC they were not able to bump up the boost over 14psi or 1 kg/cm2.

I asked them to check the EVC vacuum routing but they said they can't do it without a manual (which I think sucks).

Am I doing anything wrong? They wouldn't even try to check anything on my car (spark plug, vacuum routing etc). The just told me everything looks good. And they still charged $185 for couple dyno pulls and turning the knob on the VPC.

The bottom line is I'm kinda disappointed. When I dynoed it about 2 years ago it go 345 without the VPC. Just want you guys' opinion.

Should I check compression? how much would it cost?

Sorry about the whinning. I would post the result if I knew how...

Kaz :(

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I dyno'd at 311hp and 311torque with just a [email protected] and greddy fmic. Nothing else. It was runnin 12psi.

Get a DP, get the boost controller hooked up properly(if it isnt), turn boost to 18psi, get the car tuned and it will pull bpu++ numbers.

No need to worry just yet. I wouldnt dyno at that place again. Make sure the car is in good shape also... i.e spark plugs....

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Originally posted by kzsupra1:
<STRONG>Should I check compression? how much would it cost?
It's hard to say if you should check compression, but it shouldn't hurt. It's free if you already have the compression gauge, and if you don't already have it, go buy it. There are a ton of things you can test with a compression gauge.

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I wouldn't worry about it until you put a downpipe on it and dyno it again at 18 psi. Let's go over your mods:

Exhaust: does next to nothing without a downpipe. It's just not the bottleneck.

VPC: same thing at such a modest air flow rate.

FMIC: only keeps you from heat soaking as fast on the dyno

The electric fan kit is almost negligible. Yes, the underdrive pulley would help 10-12 rwhp. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it unless you can't make over 400 rwhp next time with the downpipe.

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Thanks guys.

Should the downpipe and 3-4 psi more (plus a little more tuning) give me 67+rwhp? Anybody hear anything good about the high flow cat (ie random technology)? I prefer to stay legal.

Today got me thinking, "single turbo." I was thinking TS04 with .58A/R. Won't this be the easiest way to get 450rwhp with a cat?


(I have the jpeg for the dyno how do I post it up?)
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