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Well, I am going to try to post some pics of "Moby Dick", "The Ballistic Refridgerator", or "The Beast". Not too intarweb savvy...

She blew a turbo this winter, and she will no longer be subjected to the cold. When she is done, she will be making too much HP/TQ for adverse weather anyway.

Here we go...

If all goes well, you should be able to click on the thumbnails...

I hope that worked, if not...

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Goals?... well, we've ordered an SP61GT...
Planning on:
~750cc injectors,
Big Ol' IC,
1pc. DS,
Possibly cam-gears...

We already have:
a Spec stage 2 clutch,
Apex'i intake
RS*R EX-MAG GTII exhaust,
3" cat.
exhaust driven PCV mod...

We're gonna freshen her up a bit, make sure she's in good order, and bring her to the dyno.
I'd like to see what an untouched 7M can do. With a few hours of fine tuning.

I'd like to do what I did with my old CRX, with this car.
Basically, educate people on learning from all camps, and not being closed minded. Alot of things done by domestics, "the Honda crowd", GN people, rotary people, DSM people, etc... are universal, but are not shared like they should be. In my eyes the MKIII Supra crowd can learn alot.
My old CRX made 210whp/190wtq on a B20 (notoriously weak sleeves/ringlands) at 6PSI... on a T28... Using the "AFC HACK" and 450cc DSM injectors...

I'd like to see over 500WHP on 93 pump with the SP61GT. Stock block, stock head.

Anyway, I'm thinking a Cometic MLS HG+ARPs are going to be the only 'real' engine mods, other than a dual remote oil filter and new seals.

We are also removing a shitload of un-neccessary garbage from the engine bay, and chassis. We will be having a cage installed, along with some kirkeys, and recoloring what interior does go back in.

Anyway, hopefully she'll be running by winter, and ready to be on the road next spring. We are drawing up our "MOD-MAP", and planning our purchases now.
I HATE buying things twice.

Oh, and in the second pic, you might be able to make out my Dad's 63 Studebaker Gran-Turismo Hawk (S/C'ed 289), and my helper... "Grampa"
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