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My first dyno pull--bad?

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Hi everyone,

I would like to get opinions on my first ever dyno that I did at the North East meet a few weeks ago. I'm wondering if I should be concerned and I figured this would be the best place to ask. A pic of my dyno is below. Here are the details of the dyno:

Outside Temp.= ~70 degrees F
Humidity = 90%
No fan on intercooler for any of the runs (argh!).
Did NOT ice intake.
Limited my boost to 1.2 kg/cm2 (~17 psi). Peak boost hit 1.19 kg/cm2.
RMM downpipe
Tanabe G-power Exhaust
Blitz DSBC
K&N cone intake
Stock plugs @stock gap (w/~6K miles)
EGR mod.
Pump gas (93 octane)
Car cooled for ~4 hours before dynoing.
Only about 1 minute between the first and second runs. About 3 minutes between 2nd and 3rd run.

The track didn't have race gas so I didn't want to boost past 17psi (set my DSBC at the lowest possible setting). After dynoing, I also found out by other spectators that they didn't place the fan in front of the intercooler--they had it in front of the radiator! This would explain the gradual drop in power from the first to third runs--heat soak killed me! Anyway, now that I have had time to think about the results, I'm wondering if I should be concerned. Shouldn't I have dynoed around 400hp +/-10hp? I realize that if I turned up the boost to ~19psi I could have gotten better numbers but I didn't want to risk detonation--I'm glad I didn't after finding out they didn't have the fan in front of the intercooler! So, I guess my question is: is ~370hp/tq acceptable at 17psi? Any other comments you might have would be great. Thanks guys.


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I'm just a novice but those numbers look good to me. Look at how smooth they are at the top. My car is an automatic and I dynoed 335 rwhp and 378 lb/ft of torque at 15 lbs of boost. I have almost the same mods with a high flow cat. I do have the stock air box with the drop in K&N. My car wouldn't hold boost and you can see that it was really up and down where yours is very smooth. I would get rid of those stock plugs though.

Personally, I think those are real world numbers (maybe the dyno guys should have been blowing air on the intercooler) but to ice down the intake is not real least to my limited knowlege.

You could probably get more out of it though. Take it to the track before you do anything else to it, dyno it, then back to the track again...


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Those numbers seem pretty good to me also. The Supras at BPU level seem to dyno in that range and a little higher in some cases. I havent dynoed my Supra yet but will be doing so in the next couple of weeks. I have a 94 automatic with the SP downpipe,apexi gt spec exhaust,greddy bcc and a turbo XS manual boost controller set at 18psi.
Thanks for your input guys! I thought my dyno was OK but I just wanted to be sure. I just ordered a Fields SFC and 3330 plugs so that I can tune on the dyno in a week or so. I'm also going to turn the boost up to 18psi. I'm hoping to reach at least 400RWHP/TQ for my next dyno session. Thanks again for your replies!

I'll agree, those look like correct numbers for that boost level. Actually those are probably better than most supras at 17pounds.

Are those corrected numbers?
good run! that is is actually lower than street # cuz there was no air blowing into intercooler to help cooling. those guys who gets 400+rwhp uses race fuel, reset ECU, ice the IC and all other stuff to measure the MAX output of the engine, but its not street #. however, if I were you I would do the same thing next time just to find out the MAXIMUM power output of your car.
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