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i tried to search.. but the amount of times rebuild comes up on the search is crazy like

i have my engine sitting on a stand right now.. figured out what pistons i'm going to run. still on the fence about main's and rod bearings.

so anyway. this is my first rebuild and i was just wondering if there is a good web site or something that will walk through the important points of the build.

i can take anything apart and put it back together.. but what i don't know is things to look out for. how to know whether the crank needs a grind or just a polish. or how i can tell if the block just needs a lapping or if it needs a decking as well (same with the head). and how the hell do i lap a deck/head to get it ready for a metal head gasket.

again.. i need to stress that this is my first rebuild. so any tips would help ALOT.

and for those who think i shouldn't be doing it.. if i don't try i wont learn. so please leave those comments out.

(also hoping that if enough people reply this may turn into a good tutorial thread for people just starting out like me.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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