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my first run ever
13.4 and 13.8 kind of disapointing im single turbo on stock fuel.
the first run i didnt launch hard enough only like 3200rpms
the second run i spun out 1st gear horrible launch.
i dont think it was to bad for my first time on the track.

they said i need a fire jacket bc i have upgraded my turbo anyone ever heard of that before?

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mkbvictory said:
WOW? Thats kind of crazy! I ran thoes times in my EG Hatchback all motor with a Type R motor! Im not talkin crap but dang bro you need to get that reaction time down! What type of kit do you have? Where you on thoes big wheels? Keep yo head up playa you ll get better times TRUST!!!


lol..... amatures!

I dont understand why people have a lot of trouble drag racing. Of course when your breaking single digits its a lot of driver skills, but 12's-15's in a 1/4 is all the car!
I went to the track the first time ever in a 6spd BPU supra and ran low 12's on dang 275/35/18 street tires, Pilots to be exact, and cutting 1.9 60ft's.

Remember, the time doesnt start until you do, when your running in a race then its different!
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