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how much are you looking to get for that unit? it sounds like a great unit! how does it compare to the kenwood 910 unit? what features does it have and not have?

why are you switching to alpine or other company for i heard kenwood is the best!?

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I have the reserve set at 900 including shipping, thats roughly what Im trying to get for it. I basically want to sell this unit to get some money to buy some speed mods for the Supra. I love the Kenwood, and if I do decide to go with a huge system again I may go with the 910, if not Ive always wanted the Alpine TV in combination with the DVD player.

To answer the other question, basically the only difference between the 2 units is the 910 has a built in DVD player and the 907 does not. You can go to Kenwoods website for more info on the 2 models.
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