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94 Supra Auto n/a with K&N Intake

Going about 80 Mustang Gt Pull's next to me then gun's it i catch up to him at about 110 we are about even by 120+ i had inche's

Integra.. Iv beat about 3-4 integra's hooked up minor

I raced a 2001 Mustang Gt smoked him.. There was a lil traffic and i had the better cut's

Going down the highway and i see this eclipse start to come fast he get's right behind me im flying weaving in n out this guy is close we both get open around 80.. we bother gun it neck to neck 90 same.. 100 same.. 110.. same 120 i gain about a car.. 130.. were did he go?= )

Got Smoked By a straSSed out Camaro
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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