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Mustang dyno tuned by Vince at Sound Performance!
Cant say how awesome this car is now, and how smoothly it drives. Vince did an awesome job, and it was fun hanging out up at their shop. Great shop, great people and now an awesome car!


379/339 @ 21psi e85
200ft/lbs was at 3650rpm
Cams were straight up

Stock intake manifold
ebay intercooler with ko pipes hks ssqv
twosrus mbc
Stock 3s block
JE 8.5:1 pistons
Eagle rods
Cometic HG
HKS 264 intake cam
Kelford 258 exhaust cam
Fidanza cam gears
ATS td06 20g with Ko 3" dp
Berk exhaust
walbro 255
wolfkatz top feed fuel rail
wolfkatz 850s
trick flow afpr

needs more poke!

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Ummmm, no. Car looks good now. Don't ruin it.
wont be ruined, but will look better. I need to pull my fenders a bit and then I will see if I want a small spacer or not.

Thanks for the comments! Its definatley been a fun car so far.

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Nice! almost makes me want to put an intercooler on my celica and see what it'd do..
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