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My new brakes

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Picked them up off ebay(gotta love that place) Should be here end of the week/early next. Here are some of the pics I was sent:
13inch rotors-1.25 thick-4 piston brembo calipers
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don't hate the player-hate the game.....

Helluva deal-couldn't pass it up. Can't wait till they get here-BTW, that was one fast reply!!
Hehe, those things look nice man. how much power you making?? Are they necessary? Those are some big ass brakes. I wanna know what's under the hood...
how much were those? Now those are an upgrade.
I am maybe making 300 right now, but I'm still breaking in my engine. I've got all the basics upgraded-intake,exhaust,IC,turbo(20g for now).Still got injectors,AFC,cam gears,pump,etc sitting on the self waiting to be installed. Should be around 425 with everything installed and boost cranked up. I am probably going to run a small shot of nos instead of going with a larger turbo.A 20g is roughly equal to a To4, so I've been told. I've got a knocking noise coming out of my tranny(I think-hard to track down for sure) If it is coming out of my block(wristpin maybe)than I am done with the 7m and am going with a 1j swap, we'll know for sure this weekend when I pull the tranny out. Have a good one.......
How much?
2700.00 from stillen/brembo brand new
I paid about 77.77% less than that-I'll let you do the math:)
I couldn't pass it up-I can't believe no one else bid on them-but than I am glad no one else did!!
They supposedly only have 50 miles on them-off of a show car. We'll see when they get here! I have better pictures but for some reason I can't post them since they're not jpeg's oh well I'll take more when they get here...
Nice man, u got a score on those. I got something similar on my Civic. You guys can be jealous if you want...

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I wish AEM made rotors for the MKIII, i know i would buy a set. Hey Tito........I'M jealous.:D
They dont make them for the MKIII???? Weird. Those aren't the complete set though, just the rotors. the calipers are from a Type R and the spindles are from a GSR. These thing stop on a dime. Cant wait till i get the new engine in there though so i can see what they can really do.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Good find.......
damn... everytime i brake it takes me an hour to stop.... I need new brakes but me so poor
Hey guys we have to find a way to make the MKIV calipers fit our cars. I think that bracket above will make them fit. I also have been checking out the calipers on the lexus 400 big body. they seem to be similiar to the mkiv calipers.

The MKIV brakes will definately work on the mkiii. I bought some calipers and spindles from a mkiv TT and am getting slotted rotors in stock mkiv size. You need the hubs from the mkiv too, but my friend seems to think you can just modify the stock hub, so I'll let him give it a shot. I'll post some pics when I get around to doing it.
ERic Vararh has the MKIV brakes on his car. He used the spindle and now the tires sit slightly too the rear of the car. In other words if you look at the tires from the side they DONT sit in the middle of the wheel well but slightly to the rear. I will say this Eric's car stops a helleva alot better then the stock equipment. Just a question if you don't mind your tire being slightly off centered.
Hmmmmmm........Damn, I'll have to take that into consideration.........
Go to and look at the meet pics. Towards the middle you will see a white mkiii parked behind a white and black supra. Look at the wheelwell for your example. I think it says mkii supras instead of what they really are. But you'll see what I'm saying.

Hey Eric lets schedule a meeting at your dealership so I can see those calipers in person. Trying to come up with a mounting bracket for the mkiv calipers. Hey Mello aren't you working something out with those calipers. Ive learned the faster you go the quicker you need to stop!

Will-swing by anytime between 12-9 on tues-friday. If possible just email what day you want to stop by so I know ahead of time. Later in the evening is probably best. You can hear what a wristpin knock sounds like in a 7m while you're there too :( Acutally the best time would be between 4-5:00, thats when I take my lunch, but you would definitly have to let me know before so I stick around the shop-Eric
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