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The Supra I got, with the bad center support bearing?

Here's some pics.

It's got brand new tires, the engine was rebuilt some time ago (still has engine paint on it, so it did AT LEAST come out, lol!), 8.5mm MSD wires (also new), brand new starter, new battery (I bought that) and new oil in the engine and tranny (done by me) :)

Runs pretty good, but seems to be rich in the low/mid range... also has a Flowmaster muffler that sounds like shear ASS.

Pics. :D

'87 Supra, recently painted, 5spd (I think swapped - the front driveshaft seems too short!) w58, sunroof (I think aftermarket, but NO LEAKS!) that doesn't open... moon roof?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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