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My new favorite lux convertible maybe ever.

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I'm sorry, hands down - pure sex. I am not even a fan of Bentleys and RR's for the most part (Phantom aside) but this is just gorgeous...

EDIT - Pics hosted two posts down....
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I wish my school didn't block ebay so I could see what it was :doh:
Tatanko said:
I wish my school didn't block ebay so I could see what it was :doh:
heres a few....

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Mr. Wob said:
I'm sorry, hands down - pure sex. QUOTE]

Yes, pure sex......... if you like old fat women :lol:
This is just pimp! When you see someone pull up with a car like this, you just shut up and respect...

Ya thats thing totally looks like ars!!
Those headlights are way ugly. Overall it looks good though.
i like the headlights a lot. Those little squinty top lights flashing on in gorgeous xenon will be hot like Africa.
WOW it looks like shit...a SL65 is an awesome convertible! :sad:
cool, definately not my favorite

WOW it looks like shit...a SL65 is an awesome convertible! :sad:
See I'm quite the opposite. I think the SL line is very blah now. MB always makes cars that have style for 1-2 years tops, then I see a million of them and I just think they look kind of blah.

DOnt get me wrong id take a SL65 if it was handed to me - but I could think of a dozen other cars I would want before it. This RR is unique as hell... like or it not - they are taking a chance... MB is too conservative often - the first glimpse of going out on a limb was the SL-R but after seeing that in person i was alittle let down as well.

i really like the CLS55 and the SLK55 and right now I think they are the best crap MB has, but like all MB I think I will just get bored with them. Some cars have lasting impressions - MKIV, NSX, Diablo (and id like to believe the Phantom and 100EX); the SL65 isnt one of them.
Well, it's definitely different. It's got a bit of an old charm to it that I like, and it's definitely pimp. Didn't the concept version have a V16? (I see it's listed as "12-cylinder")
the concept had the 9.0 V-16, but the production model will probably get the Phantoms 6.75 V-12 (450hp, 550tq IIRC)
if that is the 100ex, it is a factory one off that will NOT be sold to the public...I read it in a Robb Report yesterday
that is the 100EX - but not a lot will change on the body from concept to production. Engine will change and a few minor things, but other then that they are pushing for it to be very similar.
Is that a wood tonneau cover, and are those wood floor boards? :eek:

Look how thick those doors are!!!
Doesn't look right.....I like the first Phantom model better....l
Okay looks pretty unique but it doesn't look very solid !
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