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my new polishing guide

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Hi all! Just wanted to let you know i just released a website guide on how to make bling bling out of ugly metalparts commonly found under the hood of most cars :)

making a shiny 3000-intake pipe:

This is an update to my old guide, now on a separate website. Hope you like it!

// zooloo
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End result is beautiful man. Great work. I polish the inside of exhaust mani's so no one ever sees it.....but POOOWER! muahhaa.
Wow that is great, thanks for the writeup they should sticky this!!!
+1 for the sticky. Simple easy to read and understand.
wow, i bet you can sell it as silver:)
please post a pic of your engine again
I saw that a while back and the tips were very useful, but add where to get the products as well because I couldn't find some of the compounds and tools.

Otherwise great tip, amazing shine, +2 for sticky.
+1 for the write up. Very well explained zoo and love the pictures to go with it.
i've been wondering where the thread went... i need this help bad...
i've been wondering where the thread went... i need this help bad...
lol, I was about to send you this link
Thanx - i will work on it more and dig out some pictures that may be helpful too.

:: zooloo
Amazing!! good work.
advise for where to get the proper tools etc? this is amazing and i will be doing it all day friday/saturday lol

+100 for sticky!!!!

This is a very good, easy to use guide. Thankyou.
Holy crap! That was a very well written piece. Kudos and +1 more for the stickiness.
I was just thinking about this earlier today since it's going to be a while before I can get the engine into the machine shop. I actually clicked into the MKIII section to search for your old thread. And this is the first thing I see.
Awesome guide and beautiful work! This better be stickied!
Awesome write up man!
1 quick question zooloo.

How the hell did u get your crank pulley like that?? how did you get in those grooves lol


Holy old thread.. not that old but very informative :)

1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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