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My New Shoes :)

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Since I curbed the crap out of my 18" 3 piece C5s I have been trying and trying to have them (or two of them I should say) fixed. After a while this just seemed pointless because the only two placeses willing to fix them wanted like $900 per wheel. (and no im not joking) Heres what it looked like

So I found a set of 4 19" Racing Hart C5's in good condition and just picked them up today (19" x 8.5" fronts, 19" x 9.5" rears)

Any Suggestions on Tires (sizes and what kind) I should mount on these? Also will I have any problem with rubbing or anything like that since these are 19's? Should have probably asked all that before I bought them, but to good of a deal to just pass up..
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