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Well for the past few weeks, ever since the head was put back on with the new head gasket, my car has been running terrible. When i step on the gas, it has a 2 second hesitation, almost like none of the plugs are firing at all, and then it will pick up and go again.. So, today i figured i would try and eliminate things from the puzzle. So i pulled the AFC out and tried to just run it on the VPC. Same thing. Ok, so its not the AFC. Get out the VPC directions and test the pressure sensor. The first reading, i got 4.99 volts and its supposed to be 5. Ok close enough. Second reading i am supposed to get 1.744 volts with the pressure hose not connected. I got .028 and it dropped to 0 in about 10 seconds. Ok, something is wrong with the VPC pressure sensor??!! 2000 mile service life out of the pressure sensor? That sucks..

So, anyone have a VPC pressure sensor that works that i could borrow just to see if my car would run better??

Its also a DENSO piece, so i am assuming i dont need to get it from HKS..

Anyone have anything to add?? COmments?? I hope thats whats wrong with my car.. Should be an easy fix.
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