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A little background... Johnnyredline bought a used t04r from me about 6-8 months ago.. I ran the turbo for approx 1k miles.. in that time, it ran great. now after he installs it 6-8 months later.. he claims oil is leaking out of the hotside/CHRA mating surface. frankly... I dont see how this is possible.


now he's bugging me on AIM for me to pay the $300 rebuild fee. he is now claiming that if i dont pay it.. he will slander me on the forums and its also threatening to fly over and discuss this face to face. he lives in VA or something, and I'm in cali..

I ran the turbo for 1k miles.. it worked great.. I installed it properly. now he uses it and the oil is POURING out of the turbo.. so much so that it leaks out of the hotside/CHRA surface.. make sense to you?

your guys thoughts?

JonnyFury: I'm sending the turbo to phenix turbos to get it rebuilt. You can pay the $300 charge and call it even
JonnyFury: ck1jzpowr: the exhaust housing bolts had fallen out while driving around... its comon bolt size...

JonnyFury: seeing that you said the bolts fell out while driving around, that is most likely how its blown. if at least one of those bolts comes lose, the heat sheild around the cartridge comes lose and will fuck up the shaft
JonnyFury is away at 7:51:28 PM.
ck1jzpowr: well..lets put it like this.. the bolts didnt fall out while driving.. i just didnt include them... i forgot where i put them. I will ot send you any money for the turbo.. it was perfect when i sent it out, and since its been like 6 months since i sold it to you.. i have no idea whats happened in those 6 months. your on your own.
Auto response from JonnyFury: I am away from my computer right now.

JonnyFury: the turbo sat on my shelf for 6 months and you know it. since you are going back on your word and not helping me in the least bit, and its inconvienent for you to help out the community but yet you can afford a $35k vehicle. you sure are a great asset.:-! what comes around goes around and you will reap what you sow for scamming me and who ever else you ripped off.
JonnyFury: i am sending the turbo to phenoix turbos and when they call me and give me a quote, i will be expecting you to pay for this charge. if not, there will be problems here and you will be exploited on the forums. i might even make a trip out to cali with my buddy whos a pilot and we can figure this out face to face. im sure hoping it doesnt come to that.
JonnyFury: "if it isnt fine.. we will go from there..."
JonnyFury: where are we going? looks like nowhere right now, and thats not going to solve anything
JonnyFury returned at 7:49:46 AM.
JonnyFury is away at 8:12:17 AM.
ck1jzpowr: frankly.. I dont know what to say.. you bought a used part... worked when I used it.. doesnt work when you install it.. I wont be paying you anything, so quit asking... knock me on the forums.. frankly I dont give a damn. If you would like to fly over here so we can meet up face to face over a 400 rebuild thats fine with me as well.. you still wont get the money your asking for.

his first message to me since the whole incident

JonnyFury: im comming to cali and im bringing the turbo with me...expect a nice visit from me:)
ck1jzpowr: lol ok!
JonnyFury: you really think im kidding
ck1jzpowr: frankyl I dont care!
JonnyFury: such a nice new car you have
ck1jzpowr: yes I know! thank you for commenting on it!
JonnyFury: would be a shame if something happened to it
ck1jzpowr: I know!
JonnyFury: better keep it in a safe place
ck1jzpowr: why would that be?
JonnyFury: just for good measure
JonnyFury: well i gotta run, enjoy the butt sex with lenny
ck1jzpowr: later!

Used to be a good friend of mine.. now because of a "blown" turbo he is threatening to fly to my house and have something "happen" to my new car....

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Yo CK, I know you. I have hung out with you, drank with you, and you've stayed at my house. I know that you're a good guy and I vouch for you. If anybody decides to "pay you a visit", let me know and I'll hop in the box and come serve on the welcoming committee.

6 months have passed? What is this guy stupid? Well, he can't spell Phoenix so... :dunno:

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Jaguarz MKIII: the only part that bothers me is where he quotes you saying that the bolts fell out while driving, and later u say they fell out after you uninstalled it. but i am hoping/guessing that he misquoted you and/or altered it somehow
ck1jzpowr: the bolts didnt get reinstalled after I took out the turbo.. i lost em
ck1jzpowr: it ran with ALL the bolts
Jaguarz MKIII: okay. so he misquoted you then
ck1jzpowr: yea
Jaguarz MKIII: word
Jaguarz MKIII: I am gonna post that so people know that we addressed the issue.
ck1jzpowr: cool
ck1jzpowr: im off to bed.. i got work
Jaguarz MKIII: I'm not so blind that I can't look at both sides of the coin.
Jaguarz MKIII: but any chump who whines 6 months after purchase is a tard
Jaguarz MKIII: L8r man.
ck1jzpowr: lol
ck1jzpowr: thanks

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In my side of the world

Used Turbo from a shop 30 day part warranty

Rebuild gets 3 months

New gets 12mths

Did you give him a life time warranty on your company invoice :rofl:

I would expect no more than start up on a used turbo sold private


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i'd insure my car for good measure....but i wouldn't worry about it, most people on here talk alotta for tha turbo, he bought a USED PRODUCT, and 6-8 months later, its none of your BUSINESS how its working! i sell used cars for a living, and if someone comes back next week! and its leaking oil, they pay 2 get it fixed!!!

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Thats too bad for Jonny, but still he should have not threatened your vehicle. Thats the lowest a person can ever go.

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Didn't you guys argue on supramania about this awhile ago? You had made a thread or something thinking that your turbo could have been blown after it was sold to johnny? I tried to find the thead but didn't have any luck. Maybe I'm wrong.

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That sucks, but its a gamble you take getting a used turbo.. now if the turbo was bad to begin with or if it was installed wrong and not primed and shit.... who knows...

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6 months after and now he wants warranty?

you ain't BK and he can't have it his way.

man, some people got some intresting thoughts.

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When he comes to your house, kick his ass, take his turbo away from him....When he wants it back tell him its going to cost him $300 to get it back.

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I agree that it does need to be made public what is going on, but this is still a private matter between CK and JR. If either of you need further help or have questions to resolve this, please contact a mod or admin.

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