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My plans for my Supra

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Any input here is appreciated....:D

I just purchased a very healthy 7MGTE today with a MHG already installed. Here are my plans after I get the engine in and running.

Stand alone ECU. This will go in WITH the engine and eliminate wiring difficulties with the MKII. Wiring to the engine on a stand will be the only challenge, and tuning:) I won't need a boost controller or turbo timer with this set up. Save $$$

Exhaust. 3 inches all the way through, including DP, and no cats.

Spearco racing FMIC and IC piping to match. This will also go in with the engine(seeing that I got one for 400 bucks).

Intake. HKS SMF. Will also go in with the engine seeing that I already own it.

After all that, and it runs, (I *should* be able to push 10-15 PSI), and I save up another 600 bones, I will upgrade the turbo to the 60-1. And then I will be the old school MKIV BPU killer in Austin. Heh.

I will keep you all posted. Thanks


PS Any suggestions on which ECU to go with?? If not, I've heard good things about the Haltech.
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Awesome! Take lots of pics during the conversion. As for the boost controler, are you sure that your not gonna need one? How you turn the boost up with out one aside from some washers and a T bleeder. :) I think Don is going with Tec II stand alone not sure if it's any better than Haltech.
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