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DegreE's Build Thread [2JZ content inside] *Now with more tuna*

DegreE's Build Thread [2JZ content inside] *Now with more tuna*

1989 Toyota Supra 5-speed N/A. I bought it in December of '07 from the original owner since December of '88. Everything was original. 100% rust free. Car spent it's whole life in Mississippi. Paid $1,800



After that I did a few things like replace the steering rack, installed Tokicos & Eibach springs and installed a new clutch and pressure plate.

Power steering rack

Clutch install

Then replaced the headgasket on my 7MGE:

Had an slight accident which can be found here:

So now the car sits in Miami at my dad's house. Being in the military and stationed in New York, the military housing doesn't allow me to work on vehicles. So I had to the car in Florida. Its safer that way because to have a place in NY with a garage is way out of my housing budget. So I left my father in charge of doing the swap and fabricating. I'm calling all the shots in the build and buying all the parts needed. Pretty much all that is going to be done in Florida is all the dirty work. Rebuilding the engine and getting it in the car to a running state. Once the car is running. It will be shipped up to me in New York where the real fun will begin.

My own plans for the car after it's running:
  • MAP ECU 2 or 3
  • FFIM
  • GTE Valve covers
  • Injectors
  • Lexus V8 Air flow meter
  • R154 swap
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Minor body work and paint

Now on to the build:

Cliff Notes: (Basic details about the build)
2JZGE from a Lexus SC300 [NON-VVTi]
Turbonetics 60-1
440cc injectors
SAFC II in conjunction with an AEM wideband
OEM TT Headgasket with ARP studs

*Complete parts list of what I have*
  • 2JZGE Complete Engine - $250
  • 2JZGTE Headgasket from Toyota
  • ARP Headstuds
  • ARP Connecting rod bolts
  • Toyota Waterpump
  • Toyota Timing belt
  • Toyota Thermostat
  • Toyota Rod bearings and Main bearings
  • Complete gasket set from eBay
  • NGK Sparkplug cables
  • 2JZGE VVTi IS300 Coil packs
  • 2JZ Rear Sump oil pan
  • 2JZGE W58 Bell housing
  • 2JZGE Flywheel
  • 2JZGE 140amp Alternator
  • 2JZGE A/C Compressor
  • 2JZGE Engine fan
  • Ford 4.6L Throttle Body
  • 7MGTE Wiring harness
  • 7MGTE 440cc Injectors
  • 7MGTE Knock Sensors
  • 7MGTE Gauge cluster w/ volt meter
  • 7MGTE Oil Pressure sensor
  • Greddy Profec Boost controller
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • AEM UEGO Wideband
  • Apexi SAFC 2
  • Walbro 225 fuel pump
  • CX Racing Intercooler
  • CX Racing Intercooler plumping kit
  • XS Power T4 Manifold
  • XS Power 40mm Wastegate
  • XS Power SSQ Blow off valve
  • Turbonetics 60-1 turbocharger
  • 3" V-band flange with clamp
  • 1.5" Flex pipe for dump tube

Note: 1JZ mounts from a JZA70 Supra will work, but I will be making my own mounts for cost reasons.

The 2JZGE will be ran off of 7MGTE sensors, ECU, and wiring harness.

The block just came back from the machine shop getting the cylinder walls honed and the deck resurfaced. New rings and bearings are on order from Toyota.

The intercooler that will be going in:

My $250 2JZGE




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What kind of assembly lube is that?

Looks good.
I think its Permatex, thats the stuff I used for my 7mgte and it looks just the same.

Build looks great so far, keep it up and keep us posted!

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can you show what modifications need to be done to the cps area?

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Can you use the OEM TT hg on a 7M?
:wtf: ^

nice job man and yah id like to see in detail as well what has to be done for cps.
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