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So this is my set up. Only missing a couple things that i need to order.

So here is what i have so far

2JZ GE non vvti (sc300)
CP 9.0:1 pistons
Manley Tuff H beam rods
ACL Rod Main Thrush Bearings
Stock Crack balanced
Supertech valves STD,Dual springs,Ti Retainers
Head ported and polish
Tubular intake with q45 TB
Borg warner s300sx3 66mm .91 a/r
ECUMaster stand-alone

The stuff i havnt ordered.
Cams 272/272
Injectors FIC 1000cc
Titan Cam Gears
Titan Oil Pump
Exhaust Manifold

Like i said my goal is 700rwhp on 93 pump. If i get close ill still be happy.

Other things i got
Tranny r154 rebuilt(havnt tested it since rebuilt) with mt90 oil.
Q45 Differential - also OEM Rebuilt
Aluminum driveshaft
Stock 300zx and q45 axles

Wheel and tire set up
I havnt got this yet, Just going with this setup
Rear 15x10 MT 28x11.5 ET Street
Front 15x4 MT 26x6

Yes This Car Is Going to be inspected and insured to be drivin occasionally.:laughing:

Boost Junkie
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700whp on race fuel or E85-yes. 700whp on pump. Not going to happen.

Steve K.

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Thanks steve k. Ill have to go e85 then. Thanks man much appreciated. If any other advice, ill gladly welcome them.

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Yeah, unfortunately 700WHP on straight 93 is not realistic at all. Depending on your head work, 600WHP may be achievable. On E85 the sky is the limit, but you'll need more injector and fuel pump.
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