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nonturbo said:
Sweet car! What mods are you planning on doing?
The following mods I plan to do at the end of the month:

Tein Type Flex Coilovers
Bomex type 2 front bumper
Stillen sideskirts
Top Secret rear underfins
TRD style Carbon fiber Hood
Rod Millen Wing
Racing Hart CX Rims 19x8.5 in the front and 19x9.5 in the rear

I also ordered some TRD seat belt pads off of ebay and some decals =P . Trust me I would love to go turbo than do the body but since I got into a little fender bender, (actually a big one!) I had to fix up the body. I will post pics after she is done at the end of this month.:p
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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