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My Supra & F250 Invade Ocean City MD + Fully Built Turbo S2K from ISP Racing + MORE!

Haven't posted these videos because i have been so damn busy with work and i had so much video footage from hot rod weekend in ocean city it took my hrs to look through it all because it was a lot of bullshit cruising i had to pick thru. the one video has some cruising in it but occasionally someone hit its or races someone. I know the Supra one is long but its an ok video, i was expecting more action but was a little disappointed. Enough talking...On to the videos!

Supra's Invade Ocean City Hot Rod Weekend

My F250 6.0L in Ocean City for Hot Rod Weekend

ISP Racing's Honda Turbo S2000 on E85 730whp

Jrock @ Capital Raceway TH350 Trans

Brad Brooks E85 Eclipse GSX!

Ben Y

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The good old times. I like all the random shit people say from behind the cam's. And how footage was from like 12 different cars! And the Capitol video's quality looks pretty good and you got some nice shots...too bad i had such destroyed plugs and could make another clean pass in the low 10's high 9's but ohwell we got next week!

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great vids...had an awesome time in OC this year.

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Great vids Ben..... goin back down to oc in the fall?
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