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Ok, so from a stop, like when I first get in the car, or are at a stop light/sign, my supra will start off hard if I gun it for like 2 seconds or so, then die despite my foot not letting up on the pedal, then after like 3 seconds or so, it roars to life again and off I go...

1)even when the car is warmed up before being driven, it'll happen at random

2) I keep the heater going full blast and it will happen randomly

I got the car w/200,000 miles on it (214,000 currently I think) and have never had a problem with the car at all. I have not had the spark plugs changed/tune up'ed, nor a new air filter if that helps. Its an auto, 86.5. any tips would be much appreciated.

Check the TPS or check for a vacuum leak? im sure its something small and stupid just half to look for it.

Good luck and i hope that helped
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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