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Tearing up Sydney streets
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As the documentation of the build is complete (click HERE for the build thread), I thought it would be appropriate to put the photoshoot in this section as it is no longer a Project, but now officially my Ride ;)

I have also included the spec list and a list of people I wanted to thank for all of their hard work, efforts, and time spent on the car.


Tearing up Sydney streets
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Genuine Top Secret Hood
Whifbitz Front Bumper (Modified for widebody conversion, widened, smoothed, reinforced and extended)
Custom Fabricated Steel TRD style widebody rear quarter Fenders
Fuel tank & door delete
Rear Wiper Delete
Antenna Delete
Rear washer Nozzle Delete
Filled Rear Number Plate Hole
OEM fuel system delete (Fuel cap, flap, fender portion)
MVP TRD Widebody Kit (Minus front Bumper, rear fenders and wing)
RMM Carbon Fibre TRD Wing
New OEM Side Mirrors
New OEM Door Handles
New OEM front and rear fender trim and liners
Black mesh inserts for TRD front fender vents
New OEM side skirt vent/brake cooler trim
New OEM front, rear, side window and pillar mouldings
New oem front, rear, side and quarter glass/windows
New OEM emblems (toyota, turbo, supra, toyota logo)
New OEM headlights
New OEM tail lights
New OEM 3rd brake light
New OEM indicators
Numberplate flipper
Modified rear TRD bumper for dual exhaust
Clear OEM headlight conversion
LED tail light conversion
Undercoating and sound deadening - interior floor, undercarriage, wheel arches
New 97+ Turn Signals
Custom plug and play harness for 97 turn signals using OEM parts
Full bare metal respray in PPG Super Black with PPG Clear
Undercarriage resprayed
New subframes, powdercoated
Wheel arches resprayed
Engine bay resprayed
Interior/chassis resprayed

Engine Bay:
Top secret hood dampers
Hose Techniques Kit - Black
New OEM Relay block + Covers
new OEM Ignitor + Bracket
New OEM Relay holder
New OEM radiator relay
new OEM traction control / ABS relay
New OEM oil filter cap
New OEM water outlet, gaskets, hoses, pipes,
New OEM valve stem seals
New Oil hoses, clamps
New OEM charcoal canister, tubes and lines (later deleted)
New OEM water pump hoses, pipes, clamps
New OEM Windscreen washer assembly, bottle, nozzles, tubes, wipers (later deleted)
New OEM bonnet latches/hooks
New front fender to cowel seal
New front louvre/cowl
Custom Made Engine Under Cover
Custom Belly Pan
Powerhouse Racing Front Radiator Panel - Chromed
SP ABS Cover - powdercoated
SP Master Cylinder Cover - powdercoated
Painted Fuse Box Cover
New OEM spark plug cover
SP Chromed upper radiator pipe
TTC Performance ABS relay cover - powdercoated
TTC Performance Aluminium Ignitor cover - Chromed
TTC Performance Brake - Chromed
Power Steering Cap - Chromed
Chromed Radiator Clamps

2006 Toyota Celica GTS Steering Wheel
New OEM indicator stalk
6sp Shifter and console conversion
Passenger Airbag conversion (replaced upper glove box with supra scripted airbag)
Sparco DTM Carbon Fibre, Leather and Alcantera Seats
Sparco Brackets, Sliders, Sidemounts, seatbelt brackets/tabs
New OEM Black Carpet
New OEM Black Roof Carpet
New OEM Rear Vision Mirros
New OEM Visors
New OEM Pillar Trim
Custom Rear Seat Delete with center mounted 10" subwoofer
New OEM Centre Console
New OEM Centre Console Lid
Leather Covered centre console + lid
New OEM Coat Hooks
New OEM Jesus Handle
New OEM Hand Brake Assembly
New OEM Dash Pad
New OEM traction control button, front active spoiler switch blanking plates
New OEM warning gauges/indicators
New OEM clock
New OEM Dash Pad
New OEM Dash pieces
New OEM Door Panels
New rear interior plastics (ALL)
New OEM door handles + trim + switches
New OEM Door stoppers
New OEM Centre console
New OEM lower glove box
TRD 10k Tach
TRD 320km/hr Speedometer
New OEM Tach / Plastic lense covers
New boot trim, rubber stoppers, door cards, boards, lining, stoppers, hinges
New OEM rear hatch struts
Sound deadened, repainted floor
New rocker panels, scuff plates/boards, mouldings
New rear boot carpet
New accelerator, brake pedals, food rest
LED dash conversion

NEW OEM Power Steering Rack and boots
Top Secret Roberuta Cup Kit (Front + Rear + Remote)
HKS Drag Coilovers
IKEYA FORMULA Front Upper Control Arms
IKEYA FORMULA Front Lower Control Arms
IKEYA FORMULA Rear Member spacers
IKEYA FORMULA Rear Upper Control Arms
IKEYA FORMULA Rear Lower Control Arms
IKEYA FORMULA Rear Toe Adjuster Rods
IKEYA FORMULA Traction adjuster rods
IKEYA FORMULA Lower Link Bushes
Solid Left and Right Differential Ear Mouns
Sub-Assembly Solid Mounts
Rear Weld-In Steel Sub-Assembly Mounts
Solid Rear Subframe Mounts
Sway Bar End Links
TRD Front and Rear Sway Bars powdercoated
Custom Drag Alignment
Fall Line Motorsports Race Balancing and Alignment
New OEM knuckles
new OEM wheel spindles/hubs (front knuckles, rear axle carrier assemblies)
New OEM Tie Rod assemblies
New OEM rear suspension cushions
New OEM camber adjustment rods
New oem front and rear axle shaft/wheel bearings
Titan Differential Ear Mounts front
Titan Differential Mounts Rear
Titan Solid Rear Subframe Mounts
Titan Solid Rear Subframe Mounts for Sway Bars

Rotora 12 Piston Calipers, 380mm 2-piece Drilled and Slotted Rotors
Rotora 4 Piston Calipers, 355mm 2-piece Drilled and Slotted Rotors
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit
New OEM Brake Master Cylinder
New OEM Brake booster vacuum pipes/hoses
New OEM Parking brake assembly
New OEM Parking brake cables, clamps, retainers, lever,
New OEM brake dust covers
New OEM Parking brake shoes

HRE 895R 19x10 Front, 18x12.5 Rear, Gloss Charcoal Powdercoated Centers, Polished Lips
2 265/30ZR-19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 XL
2 P345/30R-18 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A Drag Radial

New OEM Toyota Shortblock
New OEM Toyota Cylinder Head
HKS 3.4L Stroker Kit
MVP Built Stroker - Line Honed, Bored, Decked, Reworked Oil Passages, new factory thrust washers
Shimless Buckets
PHR CNC Ported and Polished Race Cylinder Head
Ferrea Dual Valve Springs
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
Ferrea Valve Guides
Ferrea Valve Locks
Ferrea Valve Seals
Ferrea +1mm Titanium Valves
Ferrea Spring Seat Locators
HKS 1.6mm Stopper Metal Head Gasket
L19 ARP Head Stud Kit
ARP Main Crank Stud Kit
JUN Camshafts 256 intake 9.3mm lift
JUN Camshaft 264 exhaust 9.3mm lift
JUN Cam Gears (was Unorthadox Racing)

Power Enterprise F-1 Rod Bearings (Brown)
Power Enterprise F-1 Crank Bearings (Green)
Power Enterprise Center Bearings
SP 1200cc Injectors
SP Custom pump hanger
SP Custom Pickup
SP Fuel Pressure Regulator
SP Fuel Filters
SP Fuel Rail
Weldon 2035 Fuel Pump
Weldon Fuel Pump Controller
Braided stainless steel fuel lines
Titan Billet Main Caps
ALL NEW OEM Parts for building OEM longblock
New OEM Cylinder Head Covers (Valve Covers) - Modified for breather kit and chromed
New Screws, Bolts, Washers, Gaskets, Piping, Clamps, Threads, Nuts
New Oil Pan - Chromed
New Oil PAn Baffle Plate
New Oil Guage/DipStick
Dipstck Chromed Cap
New OEM Timing Belt Cover - Chromed
New OEM Rear Engine Oil Seal
New Camshaft Oil Seal
New Valve Ventilation Hoses
New OEM Timing Belt Guide
New OEM Tensioner Assembly
PHR EGR Block Off Plates
PHR Billet Timing Belt Tensioner Bracked - Chromed
New Crank/cam position sensors
TTC Performance Idler pulley - chromed
Unorthatodx Racing Alternator Pullley - Chromed
New OEM Power Steering Pump
Unorthadox Racing Power Steering Pulley - Chromed
Unorthadox Racing Water pump pulley - Chromed
TTC Waterpump pulley cover - chromed
TRD 160 Degree Thermostat
Unorthadox Racing Lightened Pulley Set - Chromed
PHR Modified Oil Pump
PHR Engine Breather Kit (First Ever RHD!) - Chromed with Nickel Fittings
ATI Crank Pulley
HKS Timing Belt
Greddy Oil Catch Tank - Chromed
Powerhouse Racing Alternator Upgrade for 1993-98 Supra - 175 Amp - Chromed
TRD Engine Mounts - Chromed
New OEM Engine Mount Brackets - Chromed
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
New OEM Coil Packs
TRD Oil Cap

New engine wire harness
New engine bay wire harness
New OEM Harnesses
ProEFI Wideband Sensor
ProEFI AIT Sensor
ProEFI MAP Sensor
ProEFI Wiring Harness
ProEFI CAN Bus Gauge
ProEFI Oil Temperature Sensor
ProEFI Oil Pressure Sensor
ProEFI Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor
ProEFI Transmission Pressure Sensor
ProEFI Nitrous Pressure Sensor
ProEFI Fuel Pressure Sensor
ProEFI Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor
Custom Battery Box
Battery Relocation
0 gauge Wiring
New Idle Control Motor
Custom Distribution Block
Python Model 592 Responder HD Alarm System with Remote Start and Automatic Window Roll Up
New Airbag sensors
Racelogic Traction Control with Launch control and digital adjuster
Grounding Kit

PROEFI Controlled Dry Nitrous 125 HP Kit
Purge Kit
Custom Secret Nitrous Box
Billet Bottle Brackets - Chromed
Custom Fuel Pumps + Controllers

SP Fuel System
Custom Fuel Cell with functioning factory level sender unit
OEM Fuel System Delete
Weldon 2035-A Billet 180gph, 1800hp, -12 inlet, -10 outlet
Weldon Dial a Flow
Fuel Filter 40Micron
Fuel Filter 10Micron

Custom SP Intake Manifold - Chromed
Custom Intake Piping - Chromed
ProEFI Throttle Body - Chromed
New TPS Sensor
New Throttle Cable and Wheel Adapter
Tial 50mm BOV
Dual turbo intake filters

Custom SP sequential Exhaust Manifold
Custom Downpipes
Custom 3-4" Midpipe, Dual Exhaust
4" High Flow Stainless Steel Cat
SP Boost Activated Exhuast Cutout
SP Custom twin wastegates

SP Custom 5" Thick race Intercooler - Chromed
Custom Intercooler Piping - Chromed
Sound Performance FULLY CUSTOM FABRICATED SEQUENTIAL TWIN TURBO SYSTEM with DBB Garrett GT3071R 53mm - Chromed (.78 a/r T3 3 inlet)
SP Custom sequential turbo kit with dual quick spool valves.

New OEM Flex Plate
New OEM Rear Driveplate Spacer
New OEM Front Driveplate Spacer
Powerhouse Racing 4.27:1 Ring and Pinion Gear Set
New OEM Speed Signal Sensors
New OEM Axles
3.75" ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
SP 4L80E Transmission Conversion
3200 Torque Converter
4L80E Deep Transmission Pan

Tearing up Sydney streets
625 Posts
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New OEM Radiator
New OEM Radiator fan and shroud
2 B&M Polished Aluminium SuperCooler 20500 BTU 11"x8"x1.5" Automatic Transmission Coolers
Meziere Electric Water Pump
Aluminium Overflow Coolant Tank - Chromed
New OEM Spindles
New OEM Wheel Hubs
New OEM Steering Column
New OEM Steering Wheel switches
New OEM Steering Column Cover
New OEM Ebrake Parts
New OEM Tie Rod Ends
Bellhousing Chromed
Chromed Bolts
Chromed Braces
Chromed Brake Vacuum Lines
Chromed Over Flow Tank
Number Plate Flipper
New OEM Air conditioning assembly
New OEM A/C Compressor
SP Oil Cooler Kit
SP Remote Oil Filter Kit

Pioneer AVIC-F10BT GPS In Dash Car Solution
Focal 100 VRS Front Seperates
Focal 165 VRS Rear Seperates
Focal Solid Amps
MTX Shallow 10" Subwoofer TT6510
Custom Sub Enclosure

Thank you to:
EVERYONE at Sound Performance (Chris, Larry, Reid, Vince)
Joel @ Golden Hammer Auto Body
Dusty, Robert & Kevin @ MVP
Joe & Jarrett @ PHR
Curt @ Elmhurst
Aaron @ Import Monster
Paden @ Unique Automotive
Johan @ JRD
Kean & Zohair @ Boost Logic
Bottle & Nero @ Titan
Guy Atherton @ HRE
James @ Castle Hill Toyota
Rory @ NZ Toyota
Gaz @ Envy
Brian @ RB Chroming
Dan @ Speedware Motorsports
Andre (dre99gsx)
Stu Hagen
Nic the Import Pimp
Si (Heckler)
Gary (suprattgaz)
Bradley and
Fall Line Motorsports
Greenline Japan
The Tire Rack

Im A Fuking Ninja!!!
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said it once and I will say it again, Woooooooooooooowza

Blood for Blood
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looks great and what a build... nice job... the only thing I dont like is the steering wheel. I think a TRD wheel would look better IMO.

One wheeled junkie
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The taillights are incredible! I love the idea, as stated your car is gorgeous...

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Every gnarly idea i have ever had for modding a supra, you did wayyyy cooler and cleaner hahaha. amazing build be sure to drive the beast. a gem like that cant sit around

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Simpley beautiful!! Im really loving the LED taillights the more I see them! Well done!
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