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My HT GTE/6Speed Swap.... Done at last!

pix from my HT NA-TT-Singled/6speed install....

here ya go.... lemme know what you think. I have more, I just have to get a bigger account on flickr.[email protected]/sets/72157594144827704/


This is my build breakdown...

1997 NA 5MT Hardtop 100K miles black on black with leather interior and "Supra" embroidered on the seats.
JDM GTE motor, new timing belt and seals all around (stem, fms, rms, etc)
TT water pump
USDM cams
USDM 6 speed harness
720CC OEM style injectors
ingniter and inj resistors
2x Walbro 255LPH HP pump
-8 lines to 2x -6 to stock rail that has been modified
AEM EMS W/IAT, PS, WG control and EGT
AEM 19-1 Serial Gauge
Innovate LC1 WB02
Oil Supply/Drain kit
T70 XS power turbo
XS Power polished manifold
XSP 46MM Ti-AL WG w/custom dump tube
XSP 50MM Ti-AL BOV custom mounted to TB
XSP polished 12x24x3" FMIC
6 Speed Tranny, driveshaft, axles, secondary isolator & JDM 6 speed diff
RPS Carbon/Ceramic Clutch
RPS Pressure plate
Fidanza LW Flywheel
97 TT Stereo (was different than NA, no sub, etc)
D2 coilovers w/pillowball mounts
TRD sway bars
19" x9 & x10" Chrome Enkei Aegis with Nitto NT555 Extreme
TT Calipers, rebuilt, black with chrome script
Drill/slot rotors
Stainless brake lines
FMIC diversion plate
Relocated PS Tank
Coolant reservoir
DEFI HUD boost gauge and turbo timer

to come: NOS and water injection


Thanks to the people here who have helped me with advice, parts and vent time!

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Thanks for the compliements..... :bigthumb: they are much appreciated!

The damage.... hmmm...... I'd have to add it up. You know what that stuff runs.... the GTE ran about $2500 all told and the 6 speed was prolly $5300 all told...... other than that it's typical stuff. The damage was a lot!

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us spec obviously and the aem eventually, right?

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I'm usually not impressed with alot of stuff lately, but I have to say, this is definately a job well done! The car looks amazing and the fact that it's a 97 black HARDTOP that's now a full single turbo TT is in my opinion is just extremely baddass and would net ALOT of cash if you were to sell it.

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well, thanks again, you know it's this board and all you guys that make the project go....

I'm actually running a JDM ecu - no stalling issues since it's map. Today/tomorrow the AEM is getting pants-tuned.....

The JDM auto ecu is PNP and runs my single with the USDM harness, resistor pack, cams and ingnitor.....

I'm happy you like it, I take it as confirmation from a very trusted source that it was done well!

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the turbo is a T4 flange. It spools really fast. I have been having troubles with the aem learning curve, but I'm making progress. I don't want to rush and squeak my motor. I don't see any need to reduce the exducer housing ar, should be good for 500 with a 93 or more octane. When I have dyno #'s I'll post them

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1sxyrxy said:
i have a SSAC mani and same intercooler for my na-t

the GE mani is very nice, I have one and it's totally plug and play for the GE, not fitment issues. The GTE mani required the use of a jam nut (2 actually) and a shortened stock exhaust stud as well as opening some holes for the studs with a hand drill by .030". I have pix of the GE mani on my NA-T motor, if you want to see them I can put them on my flickr account.

As far as getting the same turbo, contact me and I can help you there. Please use PM or email.

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