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What should I have checked, so I can try to have some stuff replaced or fixed by Toyota before the warrenty ends.

Turbo's ?
Trans ?
etc. ?

Thanks Alot Guys!


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What type of warranty are you referring to?

I presume your talking about an extended warranty:

And your BPU++? ...most aftermarket warranty inspectors
will look over the car very closely. Especially an 8 year old Performance car with mods on it. Read ALL the fine print in your
contract first, then remove any and all mods that could be considered power enhancers.

Good luck
Let us know how it works out


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It is a Toyota "GOLD" extended warrenty.

they always have given me shit about every little thing that has gone wrong, so I dought they will cover anything major anyway.
But its worth a try.

Thanks again
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