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n/a lsd rear end ?????

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i`ve heard of some members doing this swap (4.30 for the 3.73) and wanted to know the pros and cons of it. i have to change my rear sub-frame for alignment purposes, and have access to 2 n/a rear ends 86.5 and an 89. both are lsd. needless to say, i`m putting the 89 sub-frame in my 87t, and wanted to know whether or not the swap is worth it since i`ll be taking it all apart anyway.


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Eh, it won't help that much at all. It might be a little more torquey (if you can drive well) but of course you can't stay in boost as long in each gear. Also, a lower gear LSD helps load the engine down more so the turbo spools quicker. BTW, if you have an '87 you most likely have a 3.91 ratio.

If your top speed in the quarter mile is upwards of 115 Dont put the 4.30s in. In my car the automatic was topped out in 3rd, trans didn't like the OD shift with 433whp going though it. I just changed to 3.73s and it pulls harder in 1st.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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