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N/A Problems

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My girl just called me and said her 94 N/a, (completely stock) is reving at really high RPMs and staying there. also it wont go more than 30 mph. the only thing I can think of off hand is timing? Im not sure I will have to look at it when I get home from work, any imput would be highly appreciated..

I havent ruled out transmission yet but from her descriptions it didnt sound like that..
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so the idle is high? if so is it sporratic? A CEL light? Mileage on car?
The Idle is around 2000-3000 RPMs. Mileage 117,000 she said it was steady at about 2000 RPMs then as she was pulling back home it started bouncing between 2-3k RPMs.
Did the AFM get unplugged or fall off somehow?
I'll take a stab that the TPS may have gone bad or needs adjustment.
I checked it when I got home, Im not sure what it is. it idles at 2k... when you put it in D or R, idle drops to normal... I didnt drive it. I checked the AFM, all vac lines couldnt find anything out of place. (Im probablly going to take it in) as much as I hate too. It might be the TPS, but It sounds pretty steady a 2k not jumping everywhere.
then its most likely not a vaccum leak.....check your tps sensor...its very easy to do if you have the TSRM, they have all the numbers to check if it is bad with a multimeter
i had the samething happen to me and it ended up being the tps sensor
I changed the TPS, that fixed it. I need to flush the Tranny also the fluid is old, Thanks for all the advise.
I've never heard of that... glad you got it fixed
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