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I'm putting together a write-up for a tech section on another site. I intend to scower(sp?) this section for all the legit info I can find for doing a full NA-T conversion and any thing on turbo-ing the 7m-GE.

Almost all of you guys here have info posted here and links to your sites and this and that and the other posted in the various "How do I turbo my car" threads. I'm probably going to come across it and I intend to use every piece of info I can. Any decent and descriptive write-ups I find, a lot of the info will be cut-n-pasted in quotes in the write-up with links to the original auther's name on this site (or one of various others I'm hitting up for info).

Basically what I want is, if you have any objections to your user-name here being posted on another site, or objections to your material being used for the write-up, I would like to know.

To put it simple..."Can I copy your shit?"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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