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N/A to turbo upgrade. is it worth it

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This is my first post on this site but i've been reading everyone elses for a long time and i have a couple of questions i hope you can answer.

I'm going to buy a supra over the winter and i wanted to know if it was worth getting a N/A and having it converted to a turbo or should i just get a TT?.

If i do convert it will the tranny from a N/A be able to handle it?

And my last question is if i do convert it should i go with a stock TT setup or should i go to a company like TOYOMOTO and go single. thanks for the help, sorry it's so long
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get a tt if you have the $. there is a lot more differences between the tt and the n/a than just the turbos. . . if you want a turbo charged car, buy the supra tt. By the time you spend all the money changing over to a turbo on an N/A you will have spent enough to buy a tt to begin with.
I'm just worried about finding a used TT that has low miles and hasn't been thrashed.
that is true, lots of them have been driven hard. . .i guess the hard part is finding a good one, it takes paiteince. It will get frustratign when you have the money, but dont have one to buy. . .but if you want a tt, wait for the tt. you might have to go prety far to get one. . .i live in ohio and was going to florida, but it sold the weekend befor i could get there, i ended up getting it in North carolina. I'll tell ya, if you can afford a twin, wait to get it. . .you will love it when you do. I couldn't afford one, and i want to tubo charge mine. . .eventually. . .but it will cost so much, i might be better off seelling mine and buying a tt. . . .i'd keep your eyes peeled. . .when you think you have found one. .. jump on it and ask for pictures of everything. . .at every angle. . .so you can see if there are any problems with it. I know you can't know about how it's been driven. . .just have to hope to find a good one, with low miles. . .if i were you i'd wait for the twin.
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How did you find yours so far from home?I live in vermont and I only know of three in the state(i'm sure theres more but i've never seen or heard about them) so I know i'm going to have to go south to find one. thanks alot for all your help.
My adivice to you is to but a TT. Buy the time u spend money on a NA u would have had money for a TT. Ive been looking for a supra for a long time, im waiting to find one that hasnt been abused, but it does take ALOT of patience, outrageous prices are also a hassle. But in the in end it will be worth it:D
Get a cheap old N/A for now but don't spend any money on it. Continue your search for perfect TT you want. That's what I did. :D
I was in same situation as you back in July. I just couldn't find any decent TT in CA. That's when I found my N/A, it was a perfect setup. Siver and Black interior....... Anyway, it had everything I wanted except TURBO. :D So, I bought it. It was 93' so price was decent.
Three months later, I have two Supras in my garage now. Found a perfect 97' TT. I got a really good deal on it too.
Anyway, I think I made better deal since I already had a Supra. I was more relaxed??? and I could make tougher offer.........
BTW, I'm selling my N/A soon. :D
What kind of price range are you looking to sell it for?and what are the particulars (mods,miles,AT or 5 speed that kind of stuff)

I hope it doesn't take too long to find one, I would like to get it before the snow is gone so it will be ready for spring.
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