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i just recently got a 1989 toyota cressida from my neighbor for 1000 bux, i dint need a car but it was so cheap i thought why not. the motor has 120,000 miles on it, and i am planning to maybe swap in an imported motor, with less miles. and someone told me that this motor the 7m-ge is almost identical to the mk3 turbo motor 7m-gte. so i was wondering would it be possible to bolt up the nessary parts and have a turboed cressida, i saw a webpage for a turbo cressida but it was the older generation, i would have one helluva sleeper car, and would the supra LSD fit on my car also? Would this be reliable? i only plan on running stock boost from the supra turbo. nothing much just a small power addder. what would i have to do...maybe rebuild with lower compression?

any input is appreciated.

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We should have my 2jz powered single turbo cressida running within 2 weeks (assuming the motor shipped out). I will post the results. My cressida is an 86.. I bought it for $100.

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