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Can someone please tell me all the differences between the N/A MKIV and the Twin Turbo MKIV? Such as final gear ratio, does the N/A have the same differential, performance difference, etc?

As you can probably tell by my user name I own an MKIII right know and usually post in that forum, but I thought this forum would be more appropriate for this question.

I am thinking of whether it is worth purchasing an N/A MKIV, I love the looks and style, and I would also be saving about $10k or more on the Twin Turbo, then in the future I plan on turbocharging the N/A for about $5k. I know that sounds like a waste of money, for $5k more in the first place I could just have a Twin Turbo, but I don't have that kind of money and a turbo N/A would just be a different and more interesting project than most other Turbo Supras.

What do you guys think?

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For the guy for the N/A to TT...

You can buy the N/A if you like and then turbo charge it later but realize that there are major differences. The LSD is different if the N/A even has it. The N/A is 220 HP Variable Valve Timing with Lift Intelligence (V-VTLi) and the TT (2JZGTE) is 320HP. The N/A is a high compression engine where as the TT is Low Compression. it really depends on you, all you need to get the car running is actually, the engine, gearbox/tranny, and the electronics and it bolts right in. It will be fast....
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