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1993 Supra NA-T
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What is your First & Last name?: Connor Root
-What is your email?:
[email protected]
-What is your City?: Lakeland
-What is your State? : Minnesota
-What is your Zipcode? : 55043

Sorry mods, I don't quite have 50 posts. I do have a cool car - like the rest of you - so hopefully that helps. Got a bunch of random NA Supra crap from doing my NA-T build. Not really sure what it's all worth, so just send me offers on the listed price if you think I'm tryina scalp you. Prices DO NOT include shipping, that cost will be incurred by you. Mostly because I hate shipping stuff - but I will do it for the love of seeing these cars run. You can pay me via PayPal, either method if you want to avoid the fee that you will pay. Western union money order works as well if you are sending your movers over and accidentaly overpay. (This method is a hassle and doesn't usually work). I respond the email the quickest, but I'm also on the forum every day, so that is also a good contact method.

Heres what's for sale.

ALL OF THESE PARTS HAVE 62K MILES ON THEM!!!!!!!! (Except the air filter probably)
2JZ-GE lower intake runners, Y pipe, and throttle body - $200 for all that Jazz. You can also buy pieces individually for a cost. The lower runners have the Evap canister on em. If you dont want it, I'll remove it.


2JZ-GE Valve Covers - $100 (I do have the fittings)
2JZ-GE Exhaust Manifolds - $50
2JZ-GE Primary Cat - ??? Whatever platinum is worth, I guess.
2JZ Water Pump Fan - $25?


I also have the Inlet Air Pipe. Includes a VERY dope Power Enterprises air filter. - $75

JDM 2JZ-GE Cams - $100 (Very Jdm and cool.)

I will add more stuff as I continue to go through my never-ending box of shit. If you're looking for anything, feel free to ask.
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