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Picked up a used AEM 30-1100 (i was told this would work the same as it did in his car) today with sensors included from a local guy on this forum. I was hoping someone out there can share with me a basemap for my setup to help get me to the dyno.

Setup is as follows:
1993 Sc300 5speed OBD1
FSM Stage 4 clutch
Base timing set @ 10 degrees BTDC

XS Power Kit:
T61 turbo
XS Manifold and downpipe
40mm wastegate
2.5 mm Cometic headgasket
Rebuilt 550cc RX7 Injectors
Walbro Fuel Pump
3 inch midpipe to stock exhaust (no cats)
AEM UEGO Analog Wideband
Currently on AFC NEO AND VPC Setup 550 chip

AEM ECU V1 30-1100-1441
With 5 bar AEM map sensor and AEM AIT sensor

ECU is 30-1100 and was told it would work fine on an NA-T.

Any help on my way through this project would be greatly appreciated. This ECU was the last stop on my venture as i am only looking for about 400whp.. The VPC setup wasnt working and i had to pull TOO much fuel on the NEO just to make it drivable once i put the injectors in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i would be sure to praise your assistance on the forum.

Thank You

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thank you in advance
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