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na-t kit for sale on Thepartstrader

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There is a na-t kit for sale on Just FYI.
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Yo Dave,

Concerning the picture in your sig. WHY is that headlight not pulled out?!? :D
LOL! I use to pull it, but now I have the SP cold air intake.... the air filter is in the air stream below the passenger side blinker. :D
ahh i have seen the light now! very cool indeed :D
Hey Dave, are you running a T04 turbo with bigger injectors? Im trying to setup for a T-63 within the next month.

[email protected] (no nos)
[email protected] (nos)

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Yep, I'm running a SP63 and currently have 550cc injectors in, but I'll be putting in 780cc this weekend. What kind of setup are you getting?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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