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My car does not start on the 1st start of the day. It turns over but the rpms keep dropping. It usally idles on cold start at around 1800 rpms. However my car idles around 700 where it usually idles when warm.

This happened after I changed the headgasket to a 2.5mm and a cam gear adjsuted to -3 degrees. I also ran the mk3 440cc injectors with the mk3 resistor pack along with the lexus400 maf. That is all the changes I made. Only other things I did was used alot of cleaners for the throttle body and manifolds. After all this is done the car does not start during a cold engine start. It starts perfect when the car is warm. I also raised the idle to around 800 at idle. I also cleaned out the IAC valve which was carbonized.

And i get 10 miles to the gallon with very little boosting and mostly constant 14.7 afr's
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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