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Can anyone help?
I have a 95 NA-T with Turbonetics kit, Walboro pump, and HKS exhaust.

Here is the prob.
When the car is cold it runs perfect but, when it heats up it feels like I have a fouled plug when i am Wide open throttle. If I ease into it its ok. Is it the timing because I just had it tuned and new cams put in. The adjustable cam gears are set at 0.

Again this is only a prob at WOT. Car idles perfect and otherwise runs great.
any suggestions?

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Does it hesitate? Could be something in your ignition system. Common problem in factory gte are the coil packs get weak and cause misfiring. You don't have individual coilpacks so the problem could be in your coil/plugs/wires.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts